Singapore Beauty Brands 2023

Singapore Beauty Brands 2023

CORI SKIN LAB believes everyone deserves healthier, more radiant skin. This local skin health biotechnology company uses science and nature to enable and nourish skin healing performance.

Founder Phyllis Ong, who is currently also the Group CEO of Armstrong Industrial Corporation, began her search for innovative solutions in the medical and healthcare space in 2016.

She invested in a homegrown biotechnology-based startup that was cracking the code for the ultimate biologically active collagen with a compatible scaffold to heal extreme skin burns throughout Asia.

“We opted for marine-derived collagen which would be more sustainable and inclusive than other types of collagen,” shared Phyllis. In 2019, the experienced team of scientists and engineers had a breakthrough and birthed CORI SKIN LAB’s very own proprietary biologically active marine collagen-based technology.

And in the company’s continual journey of harnessing medical-grade science, their highly effective proprietary formulation MaLIXR® was formed, which led to the creation of possibly the world’s best skin recovery and anti-ageing cream.

CORI SKIN LAB Advanced Repair Cream with MaLIXR Biotechnology

The Advanced Repair Cream with MaLIXR Biotechnology is designed specifically for the tropical climate in South East Asia, where it’s pertinent to have a rich moisturiser that’s lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy.

Powered by essential ingredients from nature, including CORI SKIN LAB’s most potent and purest yield of marine-based Bioactive Native Collagen (BNC), this cream protects your body’s collagen and other proteins from the ageing processes.

It also works to detoxify skin cells and further stimulate collagen production, lending you a natural glow with diminished fine lines and wrinkles.

Since the product’s proprietary technology MaLIXR® supports your body’s natural ability to heal, you’ll see fuller, stronger, and more radiant skin from using this repair cream. Plus, it can be used on the lips, face, and neck.

Clinical studies have shown reduced irritation within a day and anti-ageing benefits (visibly reduced wrinkle depth and brown spots) in 28 days. More than 200 reviewers have also given this mighty skin recovery cream a five-star rating.

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